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The 10th Kingdom

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Incredibly out of date bio I really should do something about:
I'm a writing up PhD student. Well attempting to write up anyway! After school I went to Glasgow university and did a degree in Maths and Astrophysics. After that I decided I clearly hadn't punished myself enough so decided had a to do a PhD in Astrophysics. Unfortunately in October the year before last I was diagnosed with M.E. I've been to ill to do any work so the PhD's kind of on hold just now. About 2 yearsago I moved down south to Hertford to live with my boyfriend Phil. Though I miss Glasgow like crazy I love living with Phil.

My crazy fic community:

a dog's breakfast, action figures, adam sandler films, alias, amber benson, angel, apocalypse now, ash, astrophysics, bill/sam, bones, breakfast at tiffanys, bret easton ellis, buffy, cats, charmed, conventions, corel, criminal minds, csi, cube, dan simmons, david hewlett, dead like me, dean/castiel, derek/mark, doctor who, dodgeball, dollhouse, donnie darko, dr horrible's sing-along blog, dresden files, drinking vodka, dvds, eating chocolate, eddie izzard, emily the strange, er, father ted, final destination, final destination2, final destination3, firefly, foo fighters, gabriel, game of thrones, garden state, geeks, general relativity, ghosts of albion, green day, grey's anatomy, group theory, harry potter, hawaii, heroes, himym, hole, hot fuzz, house m.d., house/wilson, iain m. banks, ipod touch, it, j d salinger, jack black films, jam, jewellery making, joe flanigan, john sheppard, julian may, juno, jurassic park, k t tunstall, kathy reichs, kevin smith films, kim stanley robinson, lgbt rights, lost, lotr, making cards, making jewelry, manic street preachers, mathematics, mcshep, metallica, michelle branch, monty python, morgan/reid, natalie imbruglia, nirvana, pearl jam, photography, photoshop, pink, placebo, pokemon, primo levi, radiohead, reading, reese's cups, rodney mckay, rodney's belly, rodney's bottom, rolling stones, sam/gabriel, sean of the dead, serenity, sims 2, sims 3, smashing pumpkins, snorkeling, spaced, stand by me, star wars, stargate atlantis, stephen king, supernatural, sylvia plath, technology, tenacious d, tensors, the 10th kingdom, the 4400, the big bang theory, the cream, the dresden files, the goonies, the labyrinth, the pixies, the sims 2, the stand, they might be giants, tolkien, topgear, tragic the saddening, traveling, tru calling, true blood, veruca salt, weezer, white collar, wicked, wonderfalls